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Over 50 years’ experience replacing and upgrading systems for operating nuclear power plant with access to original design information as the OEM.

Industry leader in Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) through our on-site team of over 125 qualified inspectors, technicians and engineers with unparalleled experience.

Westinghouse has a rigorous commercial-grade dedication process and a robust quality assurance program for detecting and monitoring counterfeit, fraudulent and suspect replacement parts and components. And our industry-leading experts are available 24/7 to support your plant needs.

  • Dedicated CGD Facility
    • 100K sq. ft. facility with expansion potential for special projects
  • Extensive Library of CGD Plans
    • +4,000 EPRI compliant CGD instructions covering ~100,000 unique part numbers
  • Availability of Supporting Products
    • Equipment qualification testing, reverse engineering, full-service machine shop
  • Global Supply and Yearly Throughput
    • Providing CGD services for 100% of the US market and 75% of global utilities throughput of ~60,000 parts per year
  • Comprehensive Range of Products
    • Dedicate any type of component from fuses and bolts to circuit breakers and electrical cabinets
  • In-House Test Capability
    • Whether it’s electrical, mechanical or instrumentation we have the in-house test equipment to perform the required dedication

Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD)

At the Westinghouse Parts Business facility in New Stanton, Pennsylvania (USA), Westinghouse technical expertise, experience and test equipment leads the nuclear industry in CGD. The Westinghouse CGD program continues to evolve, supporting development of new industry guidance, regulatory requirements and operating experience. We provide 3rd party dedication and CGD for OEM nuclear parts and are uniquely positioned to create generic dedication plans for product families and develop GCD plans to support bulk purchases for the industry.

Download CGD Flysheet

Parts Quality Program (PQP)

Parts Quality Program (PQP) testing and inspection is intended to reasonably assure operational function of a part that is required to support power generation. Westinghouse has been an industry leader in performance testing and inspection for over 30 years via CGD.

Download PQP Flysheet