Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
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Westinghouse offers flexible VMI options

  • Our data centers can help identify frequently used consumable spares
  • We design and install a unique solution at our customer site
  • Ongoing management, replenishment and optimization is done by Westinghouse

Vendor Managed Inventory: Strategic Supply

For our nuclear customers, there are many spare parts which get consumed on a daily basis. Differing from our Maintenance Kit Program, Vendor Managed Inventory is perfect for unplanned, sporadic, daily maintenance needs.

Westinghouse can help you establish the list of consumable spares, and then design an inventory solution around it. Whether you need one centralized location to obtain your parts, or you need them in different spots around the plant, Westinghouse can establish the inventory onsite as needed.

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On-site Inventory Management

  • Inventory locations are setup close to the physical maintenance area at site
  • Using cabinets or bins, Westinghouse establishes inventory onsite for specific items, with feedback from our customers
  • Westinghouse performs routine inspection and analytics on usage, and ensures stock is refilled as needed

Key Benefits

  • Inventory reduction at our customers is significant since stock is carried via Westinghouse's VMI model
  • Increase parts availability means less time expediting or searching for parts and more time maintaining your plants
  • Obsolescence of any items within the VMI program is handled by Westinghouse
  • Several commercial models exist, and customers benefit from the Westinghouse global economies of scale
  • Your resources do not need to spend their time procuring, expediting and overseeing the supply of simple hardware items, and can focus on more station critical issues

Related Westinghouse Solutions

  • The Westinghouse Parts Marketplace tool gives Westinghouse customers around-the-clock access to parts inventory with results updated every 24 hours. Westinghouse is able to share inventory through inventory tool
  • The Westinghouse Maintenance Kit Program is an ideal companion to our VMI Program. Kits address planned maintenance needs, while VMI focuses on unplanned/everyday maintenance