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Investing in the UK’s future

Westinghouse Brings SMART Metals Recycling and Treatment to the UK

Strategic Agreement with Studsvik Expands Capabilities at Springfields Site

Cranberry Township, PA, December 1, 2022 – Westinghouse Electric Company today signed a Technology License Agreement with Studsvik to develop a Metals Recycling and Treatment Facility at its Springfields site in Lancashire, UK.

Springfields at 75

The site powering the UK’s clean energy

On 28th March 1946, Springfields was named as the site for nuclear fuel production for the UK and has played a vital role for both the industry and the UK ever since. Today, Springfields manufactures the nuclear fuel which produces around 32% of the UK’s low carbon electricity – playing a key role in the UK achieving its Net Zero by 2050 clean energy ambitions.

Employees' Trust Fund Supports British Red Cross

Springfields – Employees at the Westinghouse nuclear fuel manufacturing site at Springfields, near Preston, have helped the British Red Cross maintain a much-needed wheelchair service in Lancashire.

Westinghouse Joins Apprentice Trailblazer Group

Westinghouse Springfields has joined a government-backed Nuclear Apprenticeship Trailblazer Group to help train the next generation of nuclear engineers.

Late in 2014, the government announced a new programme called Degree Apprenticeships in a number of fields, including nuclear engineering. Because of its long tradition offering engineering apprenticeships, Westinghouse Springfields was chosen as one of the initial members of the Trailblazer Group to help develop the new programme.