A Better Future on Earth Day 2021

Today is Earth Day, a day calling for action against the global climate emergency, with the theme of “Restore our Earth.” This restoration of our planet is critical in order to stop global warming. The way we produce and use energy is one of the keys to achieve this goal. It is inspiring to see how humankind has learned how to harness natural forces from the wind and sun in order to keep vehicles moving and industry functioning, avoiding tons of carbon emissions.

Unfortunately, nature is unpredictable: wind does not always blow when and where needed, sun sometimes is hidden behind clouds, and rivers do not always have enough force to move turbines. Imagine if we had an additional clean energy source to energize our activity without burning coal or gas? We do, in fact – and it is nuclear.

Supporting nuclear generation is not only a reliable, economical, and safe energy source, but also clean and respectful to our environment. At Westinghouse we share our passion by constantly rethinking the way we deliver nuclear energy. From the design of the new generation of nuclear plants (like AP1000® reactors) or micro reactors for remote energy applications (like eVinci™) to crucial environmental services for the end of a plant’s useful life.

Every day – not just on Earth Day – Westinghouse strives to shape tomorrow’s energy, saving our atmosphere from millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This is how we take action for a better, cleaner future.