Main Control Room Declared Operational at Haiyang Unit 1

June 8, 2015 by Jeff Lamb
Categories: Next-Gen Plants

I’m proud to announce that the AP1000® plant main control room (MCR) for Haiyang Unit 1 was recently declared operational by China’s State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation and Shandong Nuclear Power Company Ltd.

Blog article_HY1 MCRO

To achieve this milestone, several instrumentation and control (I&C) systems – all of which were delivered by Westinghouse – were integrated and tested, and multiple commissioning activities were completed. In addition, Westinghouse was also responsible for the design documentation, engineering services and mechanical equipment in support of this effort.

This exciting and important milestone at Haiyang follows a similar achievement at the Sanmen AP1000 plant site in March 2014.

The MCR is a vital element of an AP1000 nuclear power plant. Once the plant is online and operating, certified reactor operators will work from the MCR to monitor and control plant processes through digital displays of the plant’s I&C systems.

It’s a privilege to be a part of the team working to deliver the first AP1000 plants in the world. Congratulations to all involved in this important achievement, as we continue to further demonstrate our commitment to the safe, high-quality and efficient delivery of Westinghouse AP1000 plants across the globe.

Jeff Lamb

Jeff Lamb
Haiyang Site Project Director
Westinghouse Electric Company