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Study Concludes eVinci™ Micro Reactors A Real Solution For Clean Energy in Canada

October 25, 2021 by Westinghouse Electric Company

Categories: Technology Leadership, Sustainability, Microreactors

In partnership with Bruce Power, Westinghouse recently completed a feasibility study with conclusive results that the eVinciTM micro reactor can provide necessary, clean and cost-competitive energy to decentralized, off-grid markets in Canada. The report focuses on key market opportunities, including remote communities and industrial mines. It also emphasizes the benefits the technology can provide in support of the government policy to meet decarbonization goals in Canada.

A Better Future on Earth Day 2021

April 22, 2021 by Westinghouse Electric Company

Categories: General Topics, Carbon-Free, Sustainability

Today is Earth Day, a day calling for action against the global climate emergency, with the theme of “Restore our Earth.” This restoration of our planet is critical in order to stop global warming. The way we produce and use energy is one of the keys to achieve this goal. It is inspiring to see how humankind has learned how to harness natural forces from the wind and sun in order to keep vehicles moving and industry functioning, avoiding tons of carbon emissions.