Westinghouse Explores Clean Hydrogen Production at Nuclear Power Plants

September 20, 2023 by Westinghouse Electric Company

The demand for carbon-free hydrogen fuel is expected to grow tenfold by 2050, as the race is on to transition away from fossil fuels and hydrogen produced by fossil fuels. Hydrogen fuel is made for uses in fertilizer, transportation and heavy industries like steel and iron production. 

Celebrating Our Young Talent on National Intern Day 2023

Categories: Our People & Culture

Westinghouse is proud today to celebrate National Intern Day, which recognizes and celebrates the future leaders of the world: interns!

Let’s take the time to celebrate our #WECInterns across the globe for their dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work this summer. 

At Westinghouse, we acknowledge the value, perspective, and support that our interns bring to the organization, and we enjoy the opportunity to accompany our young professionals on their journey.

Here is a look at nine of our more than 200 interns working throughout the summer, and what they have to say about their experience at Westinghouse.

Westinghouse Nuclear Technology Delivers Versatility of Applications

April 13, 2023 by Westinghouse Electric Company

Categories: Carbon-Free, AP1000

There’s more to nuclear energy than electricity. Nuclear power plant owners, as well as nuclear technology and services providers such as Westinghouse, are keen on exploring the full potential of nuclear energy to address the challenges of energy security and the climate crisis.

Alaska Governor Tours eVinci™ Microreactor Development Facility

March 24, 2023 by Westinghouse Electric Company

Throughout its history, Alaska has been known as a land of boundless possibilities, adventure, exploration, natural resources and, of course, a strong cultural heritage tied to the indigenous communities who have called this land home for centuries.

Westinghouse to Sponsor International Internship Program

Developing the next generation of nuclear energy workers is important to Westinghouse Electric Company, and vital to securing a clean energy future for all of us.

To that end, Westinghouse is again sponsoring an international internship program for students in countries that are developing new nuclear energy programs, or strengthening the programs they already have with our AP1000® reactor, the most advanced Gen III+ nuclear technology available today.