The First to Innovate the Next: Inspiring Future Technical Experts

December 2, 2016 by Cindy Pezze

As Westinghouse’s Vice President of Global Technology Development and Chief Technology Officer, I am responsible for ensuring a robust career path for our global workforce of technical leaders. But I believe that this responsibility extends outside of the workplace. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have such strong support from leaders and colleagues throughout my career, and I am committed to providing that same guidance and support to others. That’s why I am proud to be the executive sponsor of the Westinghouse Science Honors Institute (WSHI).

WSHI is a free program for high school juniors from Western Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities who demonstrate a strong interest in science and engineering and who are of high scholastic standing. Students attend WSHI to gain insight into science, technology, engineering and math

(STEM)-related careers, network with industry professionals and interact with other students who share the same abilities and interests.

During the program, I have the opportunity to meet and greet some of the most intelligent and hard-working students interested in engineering careers. When I look at the participants I see future leaders, technical experts and innovators with the potential to revolutionize the technology of tomorrow.

I see my daughter, who pursued an engineering degree from Penn State University and is now working in her field. I also see myself, and how the direction and advice I received along my journey allowed me to develop my talents and passions to get to where I am today. WSHI provides me with the opportunity to provide that same direction and advice to the budding engineers of tomorrow.

In addition to the WSHI program, Westinghouse also hosts events like Introduce a Girl to Engineering, which targets 10th and 11th grade female students and encourages them to pursue engineering careers. Participants take part in hands-on laboratory experiments and tour Westinghouse facilities, giving them valuable insight into the day in the life of an engineer. These events are largely coordinated by our Women in Nuclear (WIN) chapters, a professional organization that I am also heavily involved in. Since debuting 14 years ago, the program has experienced tremendous success and continues to expand to other Westinghouse locations. 

Developing the next big technological advancements is my job, but developing the next generation of engineers, scientists and other technical experts is my passion. Programs like these at Westinghouse provide endless opportunities for students to pursue their own passions and become the leaders of the future.

Cindy Pezze

Cindy Pezze
Vice President of Global Technology Development and Chief Technology Officer
Westinghouse Electric Company