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Harness the Power of TRITON11® Fuel

October 18, 2017 by Westinghouse Electric Company
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The latest innovation in BWR fuel from Westinghouse

With its best-in-class uranium utilization and thermal margins, TRITON11® fuel, the most recent BWR fuel innovation from Westinghouse, offers utilities the power to improve fuel cycle cost savings and optimize operations. Each key aspect of the TRITON11 design has been carefully considered, analyzed and tested to meet customers’ current and anticipated operational requirements.

Like Triton, the mythological messenger of the sea, the strength of the TRITON11 design comes from mastering the water – specifically, the use of three water rods that are connected to the bottom tie plate and top handle, creating the load-bearing structure of the fuel bundle. This creates a robust load chain and allows the fuel rods to be freed from external forces during fuel handling and operation, further improving reliability.

TRITON11’s superior design is equally matched with superior materials, offering the industry’s best fuel liner, as proven by 30 years of performance without pellet-cladding interaction (PCI) failures. TRITON11 delivers the industry-leading reliability customers expect from Westinghouse, thanks to a distortion-resistant Low Tin ZIRLO™ fuel channel, effective debris filter and advanced sleeve-type spacer grids that resist debris capture.

Learn more about how you can harness the power of TRITON11 for your plant by contacting Dick Matheny or Ulf Benjaminsson.

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