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Product Spotlight: Alternate Rod Worth Verification (ARWV)

August 2, 2021 by Westinghouse Electric Company

As utilities look for technologies and approaches to reduce the cost and effort associated with reload low power physics testing (LPPT), we’ve developed a methodology to both optimize and validate predictions to get you back online faster and safer.

Our ARWV-based startup program improves upon traditional reload startup physics test sequences by eliminating all ancillary aspects of LPPT, yet still maintains adherence to licensing requirements and long-standing industry guidance. That combination of innovative thinking with reliability and certainty is further enhanced by a customizable approach, tailored to plant preference.

We know what a quicker and safer startup is worth – get back online faster with our Alternate Rod Worth Verification program.

Product Details

  • Minimizes critical path time between hot standby and power operation conditions
  • Multiple paths for rod worth elimination are available to match various customer needs
  • Eliminates all ancillary aspects of LPPT
  • Enhances Reactivity Management and Human Performance
  • Adheres to related design methods and industry guidance

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