Author: Joe Smetanka

Air Brake Invention at the Heart of Westinghouse Safety Legacy

April 13, 2016 by Joe Smetanka

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In the 19th century, most trains had cars with individuals braking systems. The brakeman was responsible for getting to each car – sometimes by walking atop the moving train – to apply the brakes manually. Tracks weren’t level. Cold and wet weather posed slip-and-fall hazards. Common injuries ranged from frostbite and hypothermia to lost fingers or, even worse, death beneath the train’s wheels.

Safety Gets Personal: A Focus on Safety Off the Job

July 21, 2015 by Joe Smetanka

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Safety is the nuclear energy industry’s highest priority, and it’s embedded in every piece of our work here at Westinghouse. Safety specific to nuclear technology and its associated materials is of critical importance, as well as the safety of those with whom we interact – including our customers, suppliers and the public.