Celebrating Our Young Talent on National Intern Day 2023

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Westinghouse is proud today to celebrate National Intern Day, which recognizes and celebrates the future leaders of the world: interns!

Let’s take the time to celebrate our #WECInterns across the globe for their dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work this summer. 

At Westinghouse, we acknowledge the value, perspective, and support that our interns bring to the organization, and we enjoy the opportunity to accompany our young professionals on their journey.

Here is a look at nine of our more than 200 interns working throughout the summer, and what they have to say about their experience at Westinghouse.

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Kevin McGibbney, Project Procurement Intern

Grade: Rising senior

College: Penn State University main campus

Degree: Supply Chain and Information Systems

Here’s what Kevin has to say about his internship…
Westinghouse has been an amazing company to work with for the duration of this summer and I have enjoyed being able to further my education with hands-on experience in my field. It is satisfying to be able to apply what you have learned with the help of mentors like those who have been supporting me throughout my internship here at Westinghouse.

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Ashwin Cheekala, eVinci™ Component Design Intern

Grade: Rising senior

College: Penn State University main campus

Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Ashwin shares that…
My favorite part about my internship at Westinghouse was the ability to learn new things through a variety of avenues. With the help of all the great people I worked with and met along the way, I was able to become a better learner, a valued member of the team, and part of the Westinghouse community.

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Lauren Lehneer, Digital and Innovation Project Management

Grade: Rising senior

College: University of Pittsburgh

Degree: Industrial Engineering

Here’s what Lauren has to say about her internship…
I am thrilled about the experience I am gaining from this internship and know I can use it to my advantage in my career. I enjoy using my knowledge from classes to help the PMO with what they need. Learning about nuclear energy is helping broaden my horizons and I would love to learn more about the technical side of nuclear engineering!

I have interests in project management, data analysis, and operations/process analysis. I am part of the Engineering Student Council at Pitt and about to begin my position of Public Relations Chair. My interests include house plants, music, puzzles and word games!

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Dawson Cadamore, Technical Integration Intern

Grade: Rising junior

College: Purdue University

Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Dawson shares that...
Westinghouse provided a great opportunity to learn and grow as an engineer. I was able to expand my network as I worked with other employees in a variety of disciplines. Westinghouse also provided me with the means to amplify both my technical and communicative skills through the projects I was included in.

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Aidan Blazevich, Advanced Analysis and Methods Engineering Intern

Grade: Rising junior

College: Carnegie Mellon University 

Degree: Mechanical Engineering

Here’s what Aidan has to say about his internship…
My experience at Westinghouse has given me a unique opportunity to work with and understand the nuclear energy industry. Working alongside engineers from all over the world has taught me more about myself and how to connect with people on a deeper level. The talented individuals I work with every day strive for safety, collaboration, and excellence in their work, and I am grateful to be a part of this remarkable experience.

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Surya Srinivasan, Electrical Engineering Intern

Grade: Rising junior

College: Penn State University

Degree: Electrial Engineering

Here’s what Surya has to say about his internship…
Working at Westinghouse this summer was nothing short of great! I learned a lot in the Electrical and Control Integration department and that information is very applicable to what I envision myself doing. Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the people that I spent time with and worked with as they have shaped me to become a better engineer. I now feel like I am a part of the Westinghouse community.

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Kaitlyn Arbuckle, I&C Product Engineering Intern

Grade: Rising junior

College: Penn State University

Degree: Chemical Engineering

 Kaitlyn shares that…
I truly value the time that I had at Westinghouse this summer as well as the people I had to opportunity to meet and work with. One of the highlights of my internship was performing hands-on procedure verification on a value positioner cabinet. Overall, the Westinghouse internship was a great opportunity that provided me with real world experience that I can use to advance my education and career going forward. Thanks Westinghouse!

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Abby Miller, Quality Engineering Supervisor in Quality Engineering / Plant Vogtle

Grade: Rising junior

College: University of Pittsburgh

Degree: Electrical Engineering

Here's what Abby has to say about her internship...
My favorite part about working at Westinghouse this summer has been the connections I have been able to form with the other interns and engineers. I have learned so much and enjoyed working on a variety of different AP1000® reactor electrical projects.

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Shane Hughes, Global Internal Audit Intern

Grade: Rising senior

College: Waynesburg University

Degree: International Business

Shane shares that...
During my internship I have had the opportunity to travel to 5 different WEC locations around the country, and I learned how much actually goes into running a multinational company. Most business/financial positions in a company are very behind the scenes and have a very limited scope, but as an internal auditor you can see much more than typical finance scope. Our job is to ensure that the different locations are following proper procedures, to mitigate risks in these procedures, and to find points of improvement in the business.

I hope to pursue a full-time position in supply chain, or internal audit post-graduation at either an automotive company, or at Westinghouse. I am very thankful for this internship and opportunity to work at such an amazing company.

Thank you again, and we wish you the best in all of your future endeavors!