Our Support to the First City in China Facing the Winter Entirely with Nuclear Power

November 10, 2021 by Westinghouse Electric Company

Westinghouse attended the first Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality Forum in Yantai, a northern city in China which will pioneer to provide heat through nuclear power plants designed by Westinghouse.

Westinghouse was invited to participate in the first Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality Forum, held last month in Yantai (China) under theme of “Green Development and Low-Carbon Future”. This event hosted more than 2,000 experts from the nuclear industry, utilities, academia who came together to discuss the challenge to achieve Carbon Emission Peak and Neutrality goals set by Chinese government. Among all those professionals, our Asia Operating Plant Services President, Gavin Liu, joined one of the dialogues on the journey from nuclear energy to nuclear technology utilization, together with eight other academicians and industry experts in China.

Yantai was a special scenario for the Forum in the context of the nuclear energy heating project for Haiyang, a city underGavin on the dialoguePanel3 Yantai's prefecture. Westinghouse is among the main players in this first nuclear energy heating pilot program to gradually reduce fossil fuels consumption for district heating. The first milestone is just around the corner: the area expects this year to meet its total winter heating needs only with nuclear power, in the context of the international energy crisis.

While two Westinghouse AP1000® units are already in operation in Haiyang to support this challenge, Mr. Liu highlighted our contribution to the country’s energy strategy during the conference.

“Westinghouse has embarked on the optimization of the entire life cycle of the nuclear power plants from construction, manufacturing, operations, and maintenance. We are now seeing impressive preliminary results of when it comes to the AP1000® Gavin on the dialogue Panel1nuclear power plants in China – at both Haiyang and Sanmen in the Zhejiang Province,” concluded. “These units are an important asset to help China meet its clean energy goals.”

During the forum, Gavin Liu was interviewed by a group of China leading media outlets, while Han Zhou, Westinghouse Regional Vice President, China, also attended the subforum on nuclear energy utilization on the second day and delivered a presentation on how Westinghouse invested in today’s nuclear energy program and continues to shape tomorrow’s energy future.