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Celebrating our Employees' Innovative Spirit & Technical Know-How

October 6, 2021 by Westinghouse Electric Company

Our George Westinghouse Signature Awards (GWSAs) & Lifetime Achievement Award recognize some of the nuclear industry’s brightest minds

As today’s search for talent now transcends borders, languages and cultures, it’s become more competitive for companies to attract the best people out there.

At Westinghouse, we not only recognize that but know how fortunate we are to have more than 9,000 talented and dedicated employees who span the globe – from Richland, Washington, U.S. to Beijing, China.

In fact, as this week marks the 175th anniversary of George Westinghouse’s birth (October 6, 1846) – we’d like to take this opportunity to spotlight our employees who won the 2021 George Westinghouse Signature Awards (GWSAs) as well as the recipient of our 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award.

With more than three decades of tradition, our GWSAs honor employees and teams that demonstrate the highest standard of excellence.

A standard that George set for us when he founded our company more than 135 years ago. This year nearly 300 of our employees were recognized for their innovative projects, approaches and designs for our global customer base.

To our employees who were selected to receive a GWSA, we want to thank you for thinking outside of the box and for pushing us that much further as an organization.

Alongside our GWSAs, we also recently announced the recipient of the 2021 George Westinghouse Lifetime Achievement Award. This annual award goes to an employee who has shown a lifelong commitment to advancing the company and the nuclear energy industry.

Lou Grobmyer

With that, we’re excited to announce that Lou Grobmyer has been named the recipient of the 2021 George Westinghouse Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lou is a world-renowned expert in nuclear operations and reactor engineering. In fact, he’s been to almost every Westinghouse-designed nuclear plant in the world given his breadth and depth of knowledge, customer-focused mindset and ability to explain complicated topics in simple terms.

Over Lou’s 45-year career with us, he built an impressive reputation marked by his deep technical knowledge and achievements, his natural curiosity to take on first-of-a-kind challenges and solve customer problems with passion and tenacity as well as his focus on mentoring others.

He is held in high esteem by his colleagues and customers alike who often requested his expertise on significant global projects.

Among the notable highlights of his career include technical and leadership roles in support of the responses to the Three Mile Island event at TMI-2 and Fukushima, and his work in advising startup testing of the world’s first AP1000® reactor in Sanmen, China, in 2018.

Lou retired in 2019 as a consulting engineer within our Global Engineering Services’ Safety Analysis organization.

Simply put, Lou is an icon in our industry – one who is highly regarded within Westinghouse and beyond.