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Majority of stakeholders in the Czech Republic count on nuclear to provide clean energy

October 27, 2021 by Westinghouse Electric Company

Following the supplier symposium organized in Prague by Westinghouse and Bechtel, it is clear that the vast majority of stakeholders in the Czech Republic are looking to nuclear to provide the critical clean energy needed in the country.

With skyrocketing energy prices, investing in nuclear makes even more sense than ever before. It turns out that there is no other way for the Czech Republic to maintain energy self-sufficiency and competitiveness.


Westinghouse & Bechtel Czech Republic AP1000® Plant Supplier Symposium

There is a long-term consensus on the further development of nuclear energy in the general public and across most of the political spectrum. In this, the Czech Republic has a huge advantage over some other countries in the European Union. Recent election of a new political representation has only underlined the emphasis on nuclear. But what should the future of nuclear energy in the Czech Republic look like? We have clear outlines - especially the upcoming tender for the completion of Dukovany - but more detailed ideas are being shaped on such forums like the one that Westinghouse just organized on the platform of the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

The symposium was attended by nearly 200 participants from more than 70 domestic suppliers. It is almost certain that the high share of Czech suppliers in the Dukovany project will be one of the key conditions from the government. In addition, Westinghouse is bidding for contracts in Poland, which does not yet operate nuclear power plants, and it can therefore be expected that Czech companies will significantly participate in the construction of nuclear plants there.

Westinghouse stays committed to local supply chain

Westinghouse has relied on local suppliers in its projects from the beginning, as Mike Coon, Westinghouse's Vice President of Energy Systems, confirmed at the symposium: "Our further operations in the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the talented and diverse suppliers we have met, will bring tens of billions of crowns in local expenditures and provide thousands of jobs during construction and throughout the operation of the power plant."

Vladimír Dlouhý, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic, is well aware of the supranational dimension of business opportunities for Czech companies cooperating with Westinghouse: “Domestic companies can offer foreign partners rich experience with nuclear projects and know-how, which can be used not only during completion of Dukovany and Temelín, but also for similar projects in Central Europe."

Another dimension that speaks clearly for nuclear energy is becoming more and more prominent - the environmental one. More experts are pointing out that the use of nuclear power is the only way to effectively reduce emissions in the EU and will be crucial for the effective fight against climate change in the future. The Green Deal and the Fit for 55 agreement place great emphasis on a new approach to energy. As Westinghouse, we are ready to help support the Czech Republic on its path to a carbon-free future.