Nuclear Leaps to the Great Beyond – Westinghouse Attends the 2024 Space Symposium

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Westinghouse pioneered nuclear power by building the world’s first commercial reactor…and we are now preparing to do the same for the Moon and beyond.

Our eVinci™ team is developing the AstroVinci™ Space Microreactor which leverages resilient and mass efficient power source capabilities for satellite and lunar surface applications.

The Space Symposium

To commemorate the launch of the AstroVinci technology, our eVinci team is exhibiting at the 39th annual Space Symposium in Colorado from Monday, April 8 through Thursday, April 11. The team will be on site to discuss the bright future for our microreactor and its many applications both on Earth and in space with potential partners and customers.

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“Space Symposium is the premier space event with large attendance from decision makers at NASA, the U.S. Department of Defense, international agencies, academia and industry,” said Ryan Blinn, Director of Westinghouse Space and Energy Systems. “We look forward to important engagements with our stakeholders to highlight the vital role that the Westinghouse AstroVinci microreactor plays in advancing space exploration and supporting national defense missions.”

Enabling Sustained Human Presence Beyond Earth

Picture2-Apr-04-2024-08-41-01-8205-PMAs the U.S. prepares for its next lunar mission, there is a requirement for enduring and reliable power to sustain an extended stay on the moon. The AstroVinci enables the opportunity to grow, innovate and build sustainable homes beyond Earth by providing 24/7 power and heat in even the harshest conditions.

The moon has essential elements required for deep space exploration including water, rocket fuel, hydrogen and oxygen, which can be used to supply challenging missions to Mars and beyond. The AstroVinci provides the energy security necessary for humans to thrive on the moon and continue the exploration of the solar system.

“We are so excited to get the AstroVinci name out there because the technology is positioned to provide energy security for space exploration in a way that no other technology currently provides,” said Rachael Kravec, Program Manager of Westinghouse Space and Energy Systems.

Nuclear’s Role in Lunar Missions

At Westinghouse, nuclear energy is the essential focus in everything we do. By launching AstroVinci, nuclear energy can and will enable key lunar mission objectives involving:

  • Lunar Surface Operations
  • Infrastructure Builds
  • Transportation and Habitat
  • Science and Research
  • Growing U.S. Capabilities and Leadership in the Global Space Economy

“AstroVinci is a game-changing technology that will enable everything from high-power satellites to an Artemis base camp on the Moon, to deep space exploration and scientific sample return missions,” said Ryan. “This technology has matured significantly to the point we are able to begin building Nuclear Electric Propulsion (NEP) assets now. It’s exciting that this technology is no longer in the future and can be utilized now.”

AstroVinci’s Key Applications and Capabilities

Based on the established advancements of the eVinci technology, the AstroVinci leverages the features of the eVinci heat pipe reactor including a matrixed core design, industry leading heat pipe design and manufacturing, and integrated controls and power conversion.

Its mass efficient and compact design is easily accessible for space transport and deployment. With its capabilities of supporting various mission types involving power outputs ranging from 10kWe to 2MWe, the AstroVinci can easily address the power needs of on-orbit or lunar surface applications. Specifically, the core is designed to run for up to 10 years to support extended mission durations. The simple design of the AstroVinci microreactor fission power system allows for the reduction of failure points, simple operation and increased reliability for the harsh environment of space.


“The eVinci team has made tremendous steps forward on a number of critical technologies, including heat pipe manufacturing, power conversion systems, and instrumentation and control,” said Peter Frye, Manager of Westinghouse eVinci Space Applications. “All of this critical progress is being leveraged for AstroVinci and results in a highly mature offering.”

Tailored to key applications, the AstroVinci fission power system can either scale up or down to address the end use application or mission specific to its life duration. Its power system can be incorporated into various space vehicles or space systems including:

  • Defense, Civil or Commercial Satellite Power Systems
  • Lunar Surface Power Systems
  • Martian Surface Power Systems
  • Nuclear Electric Propulsion

Our team is thrilled to participate in this year’s Space Symposium, marking one of many future milestones for Westinghouse’s key role in space exploration. Join us as we take nuclear to the next frontier and beyond!

Backed by over 130 years of Westinghouse nuclear power design and operation experience, AstroVinci is a key energy partner of choice, helping to position the U.S. as the global leader in space exploration, science, and technology innovation.

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