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Product Feature – PRIME Fuel Package

February 3, 2021 by Westinghouse Electric Company

Westinghouse’s PRIME™ advanced fuel features help utilities to improve fuel performance, enhance fuel reliability, enable better fuel cycle economics and provide additional margin at uprated conditions and higher burnup.

The package of features includes optimized enhancements with proven reliability and world-class leadership in the design and manufacture of nuclear fuel.


PRIME fuel features are available for the 17x17 Robust Fuel Assembly 2 (RFA-2), 17x17 Optimized Fuel Assembly (OFA) and 15x15 Upgrade Westinghouse fuel designs.

Product Details

  • Industry-leading mitigation features that add multiple layers of defense against debris fretting
  • Improved corrosion resistance and structural stiffness
  • Increased grid-to-rod fretting margin
  • Lower pressure drop to improve flow and enhance thermal margin

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