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Product Spotlight: Common Q™ Safety System

Westinghouse’s Common Q safety-grade I&C platform provides utilities with significant operations and maintenance savings through reduced or eliminated surveillances and the high availability and reliability of the proven AC160N technology.

The versatile platform can be installed in nearly any plant design and seamlessly integrates into existing plant systems to reduce implementation cost and schedule. Common Q is currently installed in twelve U.S. operating plants and eighteen operating plants outside of the U.S., including the four AP1000® units in China and the APR1400 units in Korea and the UAE.

In May 2021, Westinghouse announced the acquisition of ABB’s AC160N control platform, which serves as the background technology for the Common Q system. The acquisition preserves the licensing pedigree of Common Q for the more than 40 nuclear plants who currently utilize the technology and enhances plants’ security of supply for spare parts and software support services.

Product Details

  • Improved reliability is attained through utilization of extensive system diagnostics that reduce the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • AC160N technology designed to operate in demanding nuclear environments to produce significant processing power in a small footprint
  • Enables a full-spectrum of Class 1E systems to be implemented, including reactor protection system and post-accident monitoring system

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