Product Spotlight: Welding & Machining

When plant systems and components require a replacement, repair or modification, our welding, machining and metrology products and services ensure the project is completed in a safe, quality fashion without compromising outage schedules.

Westinghouse provides world-class field welding and machining, metrology and shop machining services using the latest advanced technologies such as remote video welding, computer numerically-controlled (CNC) field machining and high accuracy laser surveying equipment.

From planning to execution, utilities can have confidence that their specific needs will be met by our in-house team of technical experts dedicated to safety and precision.

Whether you need tooling design, orbital welding or turnkey repairs, Westinghouse’s Welding & Machining portfolio has got you covered from nuts to bolts.

Service Details

  • Advanced technology reduces outage durations and minimizes personnel radiation exposure
  • Comprehensive portfolio of solutions saves utilities time
  • Field-proven implementations enhances reliability
  • Full in-house engineering support meets your plant requirements

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