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Westinghouse is shaping the future of clean energy

Nuclear is essential to enhance the green energy mix and shift to a carbon-free economy.

For generations, nuclear power plants have been one of the main sources of clean energy in countries around the world, proving their reliability and necessity to critical infrastructure. Next-gen plant designs build on that experience to tackle some of the toughest challenges in today’s market by combining key expertise with innovative technologies. For more than 130 years Westinghouse has been advancing the energy industry, and we will be here to continue driving the future of nuclear for the next 130.

From large electricity production to shorter deployment time, our next-gen plant designs meet the energy demands of diverse marketplaces across the globe to power the world without carbon emissions.

AP1000 technology: revolutionizing safety and performance

vogtle-unit-3-southwestGeorgia Power Vogtle 3

Our Gen III+ AP1000 plant has set the new industry standard for PWR thanks to our simplified, innovative and effective approach to safety. This revolutionary technology is the result of over 60 years of successful operating nuclear power plant experience, leveraging enhanced versions of equipment found in currently-operating Westinghouse-designed PWRs.

Simplification of all systems was a major design objective of the reactor, so our AP1000 plants are easier and less expensive to build, operate and maintain, contributing to considerable economic savings, lower operation and maintenance costs and a remarkable increase of safety. This is achieved by using passive safety systems, which harness the forces of nature such as gravity and convection, plus stored energy, to maintain plant safety even during a “station blackout” scenario. It is the only proven technology to meet post-Fukushima safety goals for over 72 hours without the need for AC power.

With four units setting records in full commercial operation, the AP1000 plant represents the most advanced technology available today, able to supply over 1 GW of electricity to centralized power grids.

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eVinci reactors: nuclear energy anywhere with one month deployment


The eVinci micro reactor is our solution for remote and decentralized generation markets. Our concept allows very easy transportation of the fully factory-built, fueled and assembled unit with on-site installation taking around 30 days. The micro reactor is designed to run based on customer’s energy demand, eliminating the need for frequent refueling. The innovative design also allows the reactor to operate and achieve safe shutdown without the need for additional controls, external power source or operator intervention, enabling highly autonomous operation.

The solution is optimal to electrify remote areas (far from main grids and power supplies) with between 1 MWE to 5 MWe of clean electricity plus the option to provide heat for industrial processes or accommodation. Micro grids such as remote communities, industrial mines and critical infrastructure can be powered without the need for diesel generators or other expensive, dirty and difficult-to-fuel energy sources.

Applications for the eVinci micro reactor don’t stop there, and are only as limited as your imagination. From artic to Caribbean climates, from hospitals to remote military bases, the eVinci micro reactor can supply resilient and cost-competitive power.

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