Spring Outage Season Continues with Successful BWR Refueling

April 27, 2021 by Westinghouse Electric Company

Predictable. Uneventful. These words may seem dull to most, but they are worthy of high praise when it comes to nuclear plant refueling outages. Every 18 months, utilities rely on their suppliers to deliver dependable performance free of surprises and curiosities.

Our teams delivered that dependability in the spring 2021 outage season during Entergy’s regularly scheduled River Bend plant refueling outage. Despite an eight-day delay due to inclement weather, both Westinghouse and Entergy personnel maintained the outage schedule with all activities being safely competed on or ahead of time.

In addition to the regularly scheduled activities, our specialists also performed an inspection of the innovative feedwater sparger repair that they had implemented during River Bend’s previous outage. Our teams were pleased to confirm that the replacement was working as designed and successfully stabilized potential foreign material, restored feedwater flow pattern and prevented unplanned reactor vessel thermal fatigue.

Since 1980, Westinghouse has supplied products and services to BWR nuclear plants worldwide to improve plant safety, availability and capacity. From refueling to under-vessel to inspection services, our experts are equipped with both legacy knowledge and advanced tooling to reduce time and costs during BWR outages.

Whether installing disruptive technology or delivering a tried-and-true service, our BWR customers can be sure that our solutions offer them peace of mind when it comes to reliable operations.

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