Steam Generator Services

January 26, 2015 by Westinghouse Electric Company
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Since the company’s inception in 1886, innovation has been a cornerstone of Westinghouse Electric Company. It’s no surprise, then, that Westinghouse was the first vendor to bring revolutionary steam generator technologies, such as suitcase eddy current, alternate repair criteria, sleeving, auto analysis and soft chemical cleaning, to market. For more than 40 years, Westinghouse has served the industry with a complete range of solutions for steam generator inspection, service and maintenance.

But having technology is not enough. Technology is only valuable if it can be applied to help you enhance safety, improve performance and lower cost. With Westinghouse, you get it all.

In the past year alone, Westinghouse has delivered new steam generator technologies in the market that:

  • Reduce eddy current inspection schedule up to 35% using Westinghouse’s Zephyr® Advanced Acquisition System, which incorporates intelligent planning and cycle time optimization
  • Extend probe life by 100% with Zephyr®, our revolutionary probe delivery method
  • Decrease data analyst demand by 75% with Westinghouse’s custom-designed TITAN™ Single Pass Auto Analysis program, utilizing two independent eddy current analysis methods to:
    • Decrease the potential for human error
    • Address an industry-wide analyst resource availability issue
    • Avoid the need for a NRC waiver as required by competitive products
  • Improve accuracy of indication analysis using TITAN™ Auto History Compare
  • Decrease sludge lancing time by 25% thanks to superior cleaning power from Westinghouse’s custom-designed Stellar® nozzles
  • Enhance set-up flexibility and speed using Westinghouse’s modular sludge lancing pumping, control and filtrations systems
  • Reduce dose by 80% using REPTIL automated, remote in-bundle visual inspection that improves visual quality and inspection speed
  • More than double the removal of secondary side deposits using iASCA while reducing:
    • Processing time by 50%
    • Utilizing 80% less equipment than competitive processes
  • Remove 85% of silica-based deposits leading to tube degradation using CODE chemical cleaning process, an industry first

Westinghouse has been the technology leader for decades, and Westinghouse will be the first to innovate the next steam generator solutions.



Contact Danielle Ramaley, Marketing Manager, to discuss how Westinghouse can deliver enhanced safety, improved performance and lower cost for your plant.