The Pressurized Water Reactor Owners Group (PWROG): Enhancing Nuclear Operating Plants Through Effective Partnerships

September 18, 2018 by Westinghouse Electric Company

September 25, 2018 - The Pressurized Water Reactor Owners Group (PWROG) brings together passionate nuclear energy professionals that represent all U.S. and international pressurized water reactor (PWR) nuclear plants. The group works to address plant efficiencies, seeking ways to improve operations and safety while providing cost-effective solutions.


At Westinghouse, we are pleased to support the PWROG’s global efforts. I serve as the executive director of the PWROG, and I’m proud to represent Westinghouse while leading an organization that strives to make continuous improvements to the industry worldwide. Westinghouse and other industry suppliers collectively manage the PWROG, where all groups come together to offer innovative products and solutions continuously advancing nuclear operating plants around the world.

The PWROG meets multiple times throughout the year to share lessons learned with member plants and industry partners. Most recently, executive leaders from U.S. and international member plants met in Washington, DC. The team had thoughtful and engaging conversations that resulted in future projects and stronger relationships from both a domestic and international perspective. The group has been instrumental in bringing numerous Westinghouse products and services to market. Major successes include:

  • 50.69 Program – Offers a streamlined approach to promote cost-effective, standardized implementation of industry regulations
  • Baffle Bolting Safety Assessment – This includes proactive contingency planning, inspection, analysis and replacement services required for addressing aging reactor internals
  • Guide Card Wear Inspection – An emergent issue in the nuclear industry, this inspection and measurement program enables plants to better understand and manage guide card aging
  • Solid State Rod Control Systems (SSRCS) – While in operation at many plants for over 30 years, plant-specific life cycle management plans were developed catering to the specific needs of each plant

Engagement with government and regulatory officials is essential in furthering the advancement of the nuclear industry as they share insights and offer creative ideas for future collaboration. At the latest meeting, the PWROG welcomed newly confirmed U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Committee (NRC) Commissioner, Annie Caputo and U.S Department of Energy (DOE) Program Manager, Light Water Reactor Sustainability, Alison Hahn. Being a part of the PWROG for the past 10 years, I always find it refreshing to hear from other industry representatives as it gives the PWROG new perspective and way of thinking as we endeavor to collectively advance our operating plants.

As the nuclear energy industry continues to evolve, so does the PWROG. The PWROG recently welcomed new executive leadership and together with our member plants, we will continue to serve as a valuable resource for nuclear plants both in the U.S. and abroad, moving the nuclear industry into the future.

Tony Nowinowski
Executive Director, PWROG
Westinghouse Electric Company