#WeAreWestinghouse: Safety & Quality First

January 17, 2019 by Westinghouse Electric Company
Categories: Safety

As we start 2019, we as Westinghouse, like many of you, are taking time to focus on who we are and what we do. While we may be making changes and setting new intentions and goals for the new year our vision and values remain our constant guideposts: we live our values every day, including Safety & Quality First.

Westinghouse employees are integral to our ongoing success, and we’re committed to helping them end their day in the same condition as when it started. Part of this commitment includes recognizing the power of setting aside time to have in-depth discussions about what we’re doing that works, where we have opportunities to improve and how we can implement strategies that ensure we’re keeping ourselves, our colleagues, our customers and our communities safe. We call these sessions Safety Time Outs, and they’re an integral component of our “Quest for Zero,” a program that embodies our goal of achieving zero injuries.

At a recent Global Safety Time Out on December 5, 2018, led by Vice President and Managing Director of Northern Europe and VVER Markets, Aziz Dag, the Westinghouse team in Västerås, Sweden team held an all-employee conversation about stress and well-being in the workplace.

During their conversation, Dag shared his thoughts on the importance of mental health for both the employees as individuals and Westinghouse as a whole. In order to engage the audience, Dag asked employees to participate in a real-time survey, answering questions directly from their mobile devices.

Participants could see answers displayed in real time.

Using this data, Dag was able to give employees suggestions for combating these issues, as well as further ideas and prompts for teams and managers to continue the conversation. He impressed the need for employees to find the right balance between work and free time, and the importance of disconnecting during vacation or the holidays. Dag reiterated the point that our employees’ individual safety and well-being is equally as important as our collective operational safety.

In closing, he encouraged everyone to address issues as they arise and be supportive of one another.

“Raise questions and stress early,” he offered. “Let managers know what you feel, and help your colleagues.”

The conversation continued at the most recent Global Safety Timeout on Wednesday, January 16, where employees discussed new goals for 2019, ways to safe during changing conditions and measures individuals can all take to ensure everyone’s safety.

Teams were encouraged to assess how they work in their groups and reminded that Westinghouse cannot be successful without each employee taking ownership of safety up, down and across the organization. Discussions also included best practices for managing safety when approaching new, unexpected or changing situations. Within their groups, employees shared strategies for finding permanent solutions rather than workarounds. These outcomes will be compiled and shared, allowing employees to learn from their colleagues around the world.