Westinghouse Expertise Featured at The Advanced Reactors Summit VIII

March 31, 2021 by Westinghouse Electric Company

Last week, Westinghouse had the opportunity to participate in The Advanced Reactors Summit, hosted virtually by the United States Nuclear Industry Council (USNIC). A number of Westinghouse experts had the opportunity to share our commitment to carbon-free energy and the potential that exists for advanced reactors.

Michael Valore, Westinghouse Senior Director, Advanced Reactor Commercialization, considered how societies are driving a “new nuclear renaissance” in advanced reactors based on the development of innovative materials and technologies. Mike celebrated the different backgrounds in attendance at the conference. “It was great to see both the private and public sector aligned around advanced nuclear, as well as some non-nuclear companies engaged in the conference,” he explained.

A similar perspective was shared by Adana Stanish, one of our engineers for the e-Vinci micro reactor. She highlighted the spirit of collaboration (versus competition) between different actors on the advanced reactor market. “It is extremely exciting to see how competitors come together and promote an industry collaboration that requires each and every one of us in the nuclear industry to provide insight, influence and optimize the advanced reactor sector,” she said.

Westinghouse’s legacy of experience in the nuclear industry provides a sense of security to know clean energy can and will be provided in a safe and reliable manner to meet future energy demands. Our passion for creating the next generation of nuclear reactors will continue to shape tomorrow’s energy.