Westinghouse Imagines Tomorrow - Engineers Week 2021

February 22, 2021 by Westinghouse Electric Company
Categories: Our People & Culture

Every day, our engineers use their knowledge and creativity to imagine tomorrow by inspiring, designing and creating things that matter and shape our future.

How do you help Westinghouse to imagine tomorrow?

ChrisPhillips_Eweek2021Chris Phillips, Principal Engineer
Windsor, Connecticut (USA)

I develop and deploy cutting edge nuclear safety systems designs and concepts. We are designing new and innovative systems that will be used in new plants as well as creating solutions for the operating fleet to enable our customers to provide safe, reliable power to the world while saving costs. I’m proud that Westinghouse is investing in the future of our safety system products, so we can continue be the industry leader today, tomorrow, and well into the future!




suki_Eweek2021Suki Cheng, Senior Quality Engineer
Shanghai, China 

I am proud that I have been involved in the construction of the first four AP1000® units of the world. As a Westinghouse Quality Engineer, I am fortunate to grow up professionally with Westinghouse to provide products and services that fully satisfy the customer and regulatory requirements. I continue to support projects that allow me to learn more specialized regulations and build up a strong customer relationship. I believe Westinghouse can have more great success in the future and still be the leader and innovator in the nuclear industry.




TiffaniTeachey_Eweek2021Tiffani Teachey, Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Columbia, South Carolina (USA) 

I provide top-quality service and performance, as well as, develop and execute strategic plans to drive organizational goals while cultivating an environment of excellence in the energy industry. As we imagine tomorrow, I help Westinghouse to inspire and shape our next generation of engineering leaders to improve the world around us by promoting nuclear awareness and public engagement. It is through being forward-thinking and finding innovative ways to solve problems as an engineer, in which I am able to help represent Westinghouse as the world’s leading supplier of safe, innovative nuclear technology.



JeffVargo_Eweek2021Jeff Vargo, Engineer
Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)

I view my role as something of a facilitator. I take what’s been imagined, break it down into achievable steps, and then incrementally take us to what’s been envisioned.






SandraWinkelmann_Eweek2021Sandra Winkelmann, Engineer
Mannheim, Germany

As Westinghouse engineers, who work in various projects with colleagues all over the world and have been able to get to know new perspectives and experiences, we always have the opportunity to be part of new collaborations and teams. Through these collaborations and teams, the different perspectives and experiences, often new ideas for improvements or innovations results. We are open to these new ideas (big or small), encouraged to bring them in and have the scope for their implementation, so that we can help Westinghouse to imagine tomorrow.