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Westinghouse Quiver

November 21, 2017 by Westinghouse Electric Company
Categories: General Topics

Safe, Simple & Cost-effective Transfer of Leaking Fuel Rods & Fragments

Westinghouse Quiver provides a means to transfer your leaking fuel rods or fuel rod fragments to a bundle that can be treated just as other intact fuel bundles are treated in your spent fuel pool.

Safe, Simple and Cost-effective:

  • No special treatment is necessary, as use procedures are standardized
  • All handling is done on site, and is the same as handling for a regular fuel assembly
  • Handling occurs completely under water
  • Seals with a screw joint, with no welding needed
  • Fuel can be dried and backfilled with helium in the spent fuel pool
  • Storage in a dry cask among other fuel without need for a damaged fuel can

Plants in Sweden and Switzerland already have successfully used Westinghouse Quiver. Now your leaking fuel and fragments can receive a new and stronger barrier, enabling you to prepare for dry cask or interim storage.

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