Your Trusted Reactor Internals Aging Partner for Baffle-Former Bolt Services

August 9, 2016 by Westinghouse Electric Company
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For more than 130 years, companies around the world have looked to Westinghouse for practical innovations that solve their most pressing operational challenges. As the global leader in technologies to address the challenges related to long-term management of aging reactor internals, Westinghouse is a proven partner in responding to the irradiation-assisted stress corrosion cracking of baffle-former bolts. We have more than 30 years of experience in providing baffle-former bolt analysis, inspection and replacement services, with demonstrated capabilities required for addressing reactor internals aging. Utilities will experience a seamless project approach that helps to Deliver the Nuclear Promise, thanks to our effective and rapid response to planned and unplanned circumstances.

Proactive Contingency Planning

Planning is critical to a successful bolt replacement strategy. Timing is an important consideration, since lead times can exceed 9 months depending on the scope of work. Westinghouse develops plans that address immediate concerns and creates cost-effective strategies for continued operations.


Baffle-Former Bolt Inspection

Our inspection services comply with the requirements of MRP-227-A, with capabilities including visual and enhanced visual examinations, direct physical measurements, and volumetric examinations of any of the baffle-former bolt designs in the industry. Westinghouse can also provide dual delivery inspection systems to improve plant outage schedules.


Baffle-Former Bolt Analysis

The analysis consists of a detailed modeling of the internals and evaluation of the thermal-hydraulic loads on the baffle-former bolts during normal, upset and faulted conditions in order to define maximum loads on bolts with varying numbers and distributions of intact bolts. Westinghouse’s Acceptable Bolting Pattern Analysis (ABPA) is the only analysis approved by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and provides the most versatility for analyzing the plant’s as-found condition and the ability to react quickly if repairs are necessary. The ABPA can be combined with Westinghouse’s baffle-former bolt degradation predictive capability to enhance planning effectiveness.


Baffle-Former Bolt Replacement Services

Since 1985, Westinghouse has replaced more than 3,000 baffle-former bolts at sites around the globe. Our fifth-generation tooling and equipment can adapt to multiple scenarios, including degraded, shifted or galled bolts, with proven and documented field production rates reaching more than 12 bolts per day. We now offer manual tooling combined with SecurCore LC™ (limited cycle) bolts to provide a short-term solution while a comprehensive approach is developed. Bolt replacement can be done in the vessel or on the stand, allowing for increased outage scope while minimizing schedule impacts.

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When partnering with an experienced single-solution provider such as Westinghouse, utilities can expect a seamless project approach. No other company is growing and investing in the nuclear industry like Westinghouse. Building on our legacy of practical innovation with a purpose, Westinghouse is your partner for the long run.

Other Considerations

  • Upflow Conversion – for a permanent solution to baffle bolt jetting and to reduce baffle-former degradation
  • Long-term Operation Strategies – impacts on operability (past, present and future)

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