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Westinghouse Launches eVinci™ Microreactor Accelerator Hub

October 24, 2023 by Westinghouse Electric Company
Pittsburgh Facility Advances Commercialization of Groundbreaking Technology

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. – Oct. 24, 2023 – Westinghouse Electric Company today announced the launch of a new design and manufacturing facility near downtown Pittsburgh to accelerate commercialization of the eVinci™ microreactor. In June, Westinghouse established eVinci™ Technologies LLC as a separate business unit within the company to streamline all aspects of bringing the microreactor to the market.

Located in the borough of Etna, the eVinci “accelerator” is an 87,000 square-foot facility that will be home to engineering and licensing operations, testing, prototype trials, business development and sales. It also includes manufacturing space for producing the innovative heat pipes that are central to the eVinci technology, as well as other components. Westinghouse construction on the space began earlier this year and will be completed in Q1 2024.


Westinghouse President and CEO Patrick Fragman, right, speaks with Governor Josh Shapiro following the event.

“Today’s announcement is just the latest in a long line of Westinghouse innovations – each one a result of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s legacy as an energy leader,” said Governor Josh Shapiro. “I believe Pennsylvania should play a central role in efforts to connect the dots and invest in clean sources of energy, and that’s why my Administration’s energy policy ensures we have a diverse and reliable portfolio of energy resources that fosters innovation, protects our communities and our planet, and creates jobs. Together, we can usher in a new chapter of innovation and energy leadership here in Pennsylvania.”

“We are in a race to bring advanced nuclear technology to market as swiftly as possible to help tackle climate change and meet diverse community needs,” said DOE Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy Dr. Kathryn Huff. “We need this kind of approach that brings the right people together to hash out real-world solutions and deliver on the promise of advanced reactors.”

“We believe the eVinci technology will truly change lives and livelihoods for the better. Thanks to the support from the U.S. Department of Energy and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we are making big strides to deploy at speed and at scale,” said Patrick Fragman, Westinghouse President and CEO. “We are targeting to have multiple eVinci microreactors in operation throughout the world by the end of this decade, and the work we do here will make that possible.”

Pennsylvania contributed economic development grants to the project as part of a state initiative to build innovation and grow jobs. The DOE continues to support the eVinci technology through its Nuclear Energy and Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-e). With the federal awards and strategic government partnerships with Idaho National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory, Westinghouse is advancing the eVinci microreactor design, licensing, and manufacturing capabilities.

The Etna location was chosen in part due to its proximity to some of the world’s finest universities, partnering with Westinghouse on this breakthrough technology, such as Carnegie Mellon University, Penn State - New Kensington and the University of Pittsburgh.

New office rendering 10_11_JPG (1)The new eVinci accelerator hub will be home to engineering and licensing operations, testing, prototype trials, business development and sales. It also includes manufacturing space.

The eVinci Microreactor builds on decades of Westinghouse innovation to bring carbon-free, safe and scalable energy wherever it is needed for a variety of applications, including electricity and heating for remote communities, universities, mining operations, industrial centers, data centers and defense facilities, and soon the lunar surface and beyond. The eVinci microreactor has very few moving parts, working essentially as a battery, providing the versatility for power systems ranging from several kilowatts to 5 megawatts of electricity, delivered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for eight-plus years without refueling. It can also produce high temperature heat suitable for industrial applications including alternative fuel production such as hydrogen and has the flexibility to balance renewable output. The technology is 100 percent factory built and assembled before it is shipped in a container to any location.


*Header image: Westinghouse is accelerating the commercialization of its eVinci microreactor with the launch of a new design and manufacturing facility near downtown Pittsburgh.