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Westinghouse Sigma™ RCP/SHIELD® Seals

November 3, 2017 by Westinghouse Electric Company

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The Westinghouse Sigma™ Reactor Coolant Pump Seal provides reliable performance and cost savings to ensure safe and long-term plant operation. This seal has been rigorously developed and tested to provide up to a 12-year life in order to reduce your seal maintenance cost, decrease refueling outage dose, eliminate seal installation issues, and more.

Harness the Power of TRITON11® Fuel

October 18, 2017 by Westinghouse Electric Company

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The latest innovation in BWR fuel from Westinghouse

With its best-in-class uranium utilization and thermal margins, TRITON11® fuel, the most recent BWR fuel innovation from Westinghouse, offers utilities the power to improve fuel cycle cost savings and optimize operations. Each key aspect of the TRITON11 design has been carefully considered, analyzed and tested to meet customers’ current and anticipated operational requirements.

Westinghouse EnCore® Fuel

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We’re Changing Nuclear Energy … Again.

Westinghouse changed the energy industry on Dec. 2, 1957 when Shippingport, the first commercial nuclear power station in the U.S., came online. Shippingport was an engineering marvel, featuring cutting-edge technology in everything from modern machinery to metallurgy. Today, Westinghouse is changing nuclear energy again with its revolutionary new accident tolerant fuel design, EnCore® Fuel.

Thinking Big: Patent Leadership

February 23, 2017 by Westinghouse Electric Company

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At Westinghouse, our inventors and innovators push the limits of innovation and ingenuity.

Engineers Think Big, Execute Bigger

February 20, 2017 by Jim Brennan

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When a painter is given a blank canvas and a paintbrush, the painter can create a beautiful work of art. When an engineer is given a problem to resolve and the right tools, the engineer can create an innovative solution.