Modifications That Support Your Transition to Modernization

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The Westinghouse Solid State Rod Control System (SSRCS) has been in operation at many plants for over 30 years. Although the system has proven to be reliable, obsolescence concerns are increasing and personnel with analog control system experience are becoming more limited in the modern, digital world.

In response, Westinghouse has deployed the Digital Rod Control System (DRCS) to twenty new plants to-date in various stages of startup.

This cost-effective, retrofit solution makes it possible to upgrade the rod control system in a phased manner. The Logic Cabinet components may be replaced while using the existing cabinet structure and interfaces with the existing Power Cabinets, or the cabinets may be upgraded simultaneously. For the rod control logic cabinet upgrade, the existing cabinet electronics are replaced with an Ovation™ redundant controller panel assembly. This modification is straightforward and does not interfere with or disturb the existing system signal cable interfaces.

Complete Westinghouse DRCS replacements of the SSRCS is an effective instrumentation and control upgrade to help your plant on its path to modernization. Recognizing that our customers may need an alternative solution due to schedule and budget constraints, Westinghouse has developed an innovative drop-in replacement for the existing SSRCS power cabinet analog control card chassis – the Advanced Rod Control Hybrid (ARCH). This new hybrid of a digital control system and existing power electronics leverages the features and functions of the DRCS while maintaining the cabinets, system architecture and power electronics, providing a simplified path forward from analog to digital control.

Incorporating over twenty years of digital rod control experience with innovative technologies to meet utility needs, Westinghouse’s digital rod control upgrade solutions allow long-term system upkeep consistent with the utilities operational, maintenance and financial strategies.

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