We Are Westinghouse, and We Invent Amazing

February 17, 2019 by Westinghouse Electric Company
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Here at Westinghouse, our engineers help to shape the power generation industry by inventing amazing products and solutions to meet our ever-growing electricity needs.

Highlighted below, a few of our global engineers share what the phrase “invent amazing” means to them in their current roles.

What Does ‘Invent Amazing’ Mean to You as a Westinghouse Engineer?


Andrea Martinuzzi, Lead Project Engineer

As a Westinghouse engineer located at a manufacturing facility, my responsibilities are at a later stage of a project for our customers. “Inventing amazing” means to me the possibility to integrate our product designs and customer expectations in the smartest and most efficient way possible for success of our business and the nuclear market.

- Andrea Martinuzzi, Lead Project Engineer

Kallie Metzger, Principal Engineer

Invent amazing is challenging the status quo and developing innovative solutions; no company exemplifies this more than Westinghouse. As an engineer in the Accident Tolerant Fuels program, I have been given the opportunity to positively influence the nuclear industry. Working alongside a team of global experts, we develop ground-breaking solutions that ensure the safety of our community and uphold Westinghouse’s commitment to be a leader in innovation.

- Kallie Metzger, Principal Engineer

Chris Meier, Principal Engineer

Being able to take the systems and technologies built by engineers that came before us decades ago – with tools that are nowhere near what we have today – and learn from their inventions, apply new ideas and today’s modern technology to develop new state-of-the-art digital systems. Knowing the amount of people and effort that had to be involved to get it designed, built, installed and operational, and then knowing that system is helping operate a commercial nuclear power plant – all that will never cease to be amazing.

- Chris Meier, Principal Engineer

Suresh Krishnamurthy, Westinghouse Cyient Principal Engineer

To me, inventing something amazing means discovering innovative solutions to world's toughest challenges. I am proud to be a part of Westinghouse’s culture and legacy of innovation, offering feasible solutions to meet our world’s energy generation needs world with minimal impact on the environment.

- Suresh Krishnamurthy, Westinghouse Cyient Principal Engineer

Eric Benacquista, Principal Engineer

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Westinghouse is the potential for creative problem solving. Even in this strict regulatory environment, extending the functional lives of the nuclear fleet is a great opportunity for innovation. The reactor internals group has capitalized on this by inventing new replacement components like SecurCore LC™ baffle bolts and the Compressible Thermal Sleeve.

- Eric Benacquista, Principal Engineer

Jorge Baños, Director, Spain Engineering

Being an engineer is a privilege that allows you the possibility to improve the environment and people’s life. Being an engineer in Westinghouse amplifies even further this privilege , and allows these amazing inventions to be possible, and give us the possibility to help improving our environment and fulfilling our customer’s needs.

It is very important that, at Westinghouse, we do our part to keep creating new ideas and keep motivating the young generation of engineers to create practical and revolutionary inventions. If we have been able to develop a nuclear reactor, what else are we able to?

- Jorge Baños, Director, Spain Engineering

Jeremy Ward, Stone & Webster Project Engineer

George Westinghouse pioneered many amazing inventions throughout history that promulgated the name Westinghouse into the limelight. As part of Stone & Webster, I am provided with a tremendous opportunity to build upon that legacy. “Invent amazing” takes on a new definition with every project – each time it demands that we shift our perspectives, collaborate on design innovations and expand our skillsets. For me, “invent amazing” is standing at ground zero as part of a small team of talented individuals, committed to growing this business, devising creative ways to penetrate our markets and win work – continuing a culture of providing world-class energy and industrial solutions.

- Jeremy Ward, Stone & Webster Project Engineer