Westinghouse and Bechtel Host Czech Republic Supplier Summit

February 28, 2023 by Westinghouse Electric Company

New U.S. Ambassador Welcomes Potential Suppliers for AP1000® Advanced Reactor Build

Cranberry Township, PA – Feb. 28, 2023 – Newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Bijan Sabet welcomed representatives from 55 Czech Republic companies to Supplier Day 2023, an event organized in part by Westinghouse Electric Company and Bechtel. The two companies submitted a bid in November to support the Czech Republic’s planned expansion of its nuclear power fleet with the AP1000® reactor, the world’s most advanced, proven nuclear reactor in operation globally.

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Petr Brzezina (standing) Westinghouse President for the Czech Republic, and U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Bijan Sabet welcome local representatives to Supplier Day 2023, organized by Westinghouse and Bechtel. In November 2022, the companies submitted a bid in support of the Czech Republic’s planned expansion of its nuclear power fleet with the AP1000® reactor, the world’s most advanced, proven nuclear reactor in operation globally.

The bid proposes construction of one AP1000 unit at the Dukovany nuclear site, with the potential for a second unit there and two additional units at the Temelin site. Following the symposium, Westinghouse and Bechtel will continue to engage with the Czech supply base to fulfill key roles in procurement of equipment and construction of the reactors.

“Westinghouse and Bechtel have assured me they are committed to the Czech Republic. They have been working together for over 70 years to facilitate the successful delivery of nuclear power assets in the fight to provide a clean and resilient energy infrastructure,” Ambassador Sabet remarked at the Supplier Symposium. “They recognize your expertise and experience and know that strong relationships with you and your companies are not just useful, but essential for success.”

“Czech industry has a vital role to play in the deployment of nuclear technology here,” said Petr Brzezina, Westinghouse President for the Czech Republic. “I would like to thank the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Czech Republic, Czech Power Industry Association and TUV Nord for their partnership on this Symposium, emphasizing the importance of this project for the future of Czech suppliers.”

“The Czech Republic has committed to meeting increasing electricity demands while reducing carbon emissions and reliance on coal and other fossil fuels,” said Ahmet Tokpinar, general manager of Bechtel’s Nuclear Power business line. “The time is now to begin engagement with potential suppliers in the Czech Republic and we look forward to building lasting partnerships.”

The deployment of AP1000 technology elsewhere in the region will also drive greater synergy that benefits the Czech nuclear program and creates opportunities to contribute for suppliers throughout central and eastern Europe. In November, the Polish government selected the AP1000 reactor to launch its first-ever nuclear energy program.

The AP1000 is the only operating Generation III+ reactor with fully passive safety systems, modular construction design and has the smallest footprint per MWe on the market. In addition to the two reactors nearing completion at the Vogtle site in Georgia, four AP1000 units are currently setting operational performance records in China with four additional reactors under construction, and two more planned. Nine units have been announced for Ukraine, and the technology is under consideration at multiple other sites in Central and Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom, and in the United States.