Westinghouse to Supply the Most Advanced BWR Nuclear Fuel to Large U.S. Utility

October 4, 2023 by Westinghouse Electric Company
Marks Re-entry of Westinghouse into U.S. BWR Fuel Market

Cranberry Township, Pa. – Oct. 4, 2023 – Westinghouse Electric Company has signed a contract to deliver advanced fuel to one of the largest Boiling Water Reactor utilities in the U.S. This milestone marks the re-entry of Westinghouse into America’s BWR fuel market for the first time since 2016.

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The TRITON11® fuel assembly is Westinghouse’s optimized and robust BWR fuel design, offering unmatched fuel cycle economic and performance benefits.

The TRITON11® fuel assembly is Westinghouse’s optimized and robust BWR fuel design which offers unmatched fuel cycle economic and performance benefits. Westinghouse previously delivered the Optima2 fuel design to American utilities. This contract renews and builds on the previous BWR fuel and engineering services partnership between the companies.

“We are very pleased to strengthen further our long-standing partnership with U.S. utilities and to bring back the most advanced BWR fuel to America’s reactors,” said Tarik Choho, Westinghouse President of Nuclear Fuel. “We are confident this milestone will leverage the successful performance we have had with our European customers in the BWR market so far.”

Westinghouse will establish TRITON11 manufacturing capabilities at the Columbia Fuel Fabrication Facility in South Carolina for future deliveries in the U.S.

Westinghouse is a leading supplier of nuclear fuel, providing a uniquely diversified portfolio in the industry across nuclear reactor types, including PWR, BWR, AGR, and VVER. Through our world-class fuel fabrication facilities in the U.S., Sweden, and the U.K., we focus on delivering innovative fuel technologies to meet our customers’ needs for lower fuel-cycle costs, increased operational flexibility and efficiency, diversity of supply, and accident-tolerant products. Learn more about our advanced fuel capabilities and how they relate to different reactors around the world.