News Releases

Westinghouse CEO Speaks at White House Nuclear Energy Summit

Touts Role of Nuclear in Combating Climate Change

Danny Roderick, Westinghouse Electric Company president and CEO, drove home the message that nuclear energy is a vital resource in combating climate change globally.

Westinghouse Electric Company Celebrates KDKA’s 95th Anniversary

Westinghouse Electric Corporation, and now Westinghouse Electric Company, have a long and proud legacy of developing and introducing innovations that have revolutionized our world and benefitted society. Since the company’s founding in 1886, industrial “firsts” have included the invention of electric power distribution for alternating current, locomotive air brakes, natural gas distribution, commercial pressurized water reactors and nuclear-powered submarines.

Westinghouse Manufacturing Engineer Sees Engineering Designs Come to Reality

In her role as a manufacturing engineer at our Newington, N.H. (USA) location, Carrie Richesson oversees designs that materialize into high-quality components. Learn more about Carrie and how her role in providing safe, clean and reliable nuclear energy in this video.

Westinghouse Technician Turns Great Ideas Into Great Technology

Our employees, like Melissa Walter, translate ideas into innovation technology solutions. Learn more about Melissa’s role and how the projects that she works on help to advance Westinghouse and the nuclear industry in this video.

Danny Roderick Interviewed on FOX's Opening Bell

Westinghouse President and CEO Danny Roderick was recently interviewed on FOX's Opening Bell, where he discussed the state of the energy industry. While the focus was primarily on the impact of the recent decline of the oil industry, Danny touched on the U.S. jobs created from the nuclear power plants Westinghouse is building in China, the need for nuclear as a key factor in meeting greenhouse gas emission targets, and how regulatory costs in the nuclear industry impact the nuclear industry's competitiveness in the world energy markets.