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Advancing our Manufacturing Capabilities to Meet Your Component Needs

Breaking the mold? Try eliminating the mold altogether.

Through innovative techniques like 3D printing, hot isostatic pressing and diffusion bonding, Westinghouse is developing and deploying advanced manufacturing technologies to realize cost and lead-time reductions, and enable next-generation solutions for energy generation. Explore some of our enhanced capabilities below.

Integrating Proven Experience with Enhanced Capabilities

Breaking the mold? Try eliminating the mold altogether.

Stress corrosion and thermal cycling cracks are common flaws discovered during outage inspections. A structural weld overlay (SWOL) is the addition of weld reinforcement material on the outside surface of a pipe to a sufficient thickness and extent to create a new structural barrier. Additionally, it places the inner diameter surface of the component in a more favorable compressive stress state. It has earned recognition as a safe, problem-free means of crack mitigation and pipe repair.

Modifications That Support Your Transition to Modernization

The Westinghouse Solid State Rod Control System (SSRCS) has been in operation at many plants for over 30 years. Although the system has proven to be reliable, obsolescence concerns are increasing and personnel with analog control system experience are becoming more limited in the modern, digital world.

RENEW™ Program for Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers

As nuclear power plants reach 50-year milestones, many of their aging circuit breakers are reaching maximum life cycle count. In response, Westinghouse is introducing the RENEW™program, an innovative and practical solution for low-voltage circuit breakers that offers up to 50 percent cost savings as compared to complete circuit breaker replacement. With hundreds of circuit breakers installed in an individual plant, your utility could benefit from significant savings.

Westinghouse Rapid EIDMS™ System

All the parts you need ... and more

At Westinghouse, we understand that our nuclear parts customers need immediate answers in time-critical situations, and that’s why we’ve created the rapid EIDMS online database. This online system instantly provides answers to customer questions regarding inventory availability, pricing information and shipment status for more than 90,000 Westinghouse replacement products. The rapid EIDMS database also provides photos and instruction manuals for parts, enabling you to identify and select the correct part for your needs.