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Product Spotlight: Alternate Rod Worth Verification (ARWV)

August 2, 2021 by Westinghouse Electric Company

Categories: Advanced Fuel Solutions, Reliability, Outage & Maintenance, Nuclear Fuel

As utilities look for technologies and approaches to reduce the cost and effort associated with reload low power physics testing (LPPT), we’ve developed a methodology to both optimize and validate predictions to get you back online faster and safer.

Laser Scanning Technology Improves Reporting Accuracy

Categories: Technology Leadership, Reliability, Outage & Maintenance

Advanced surveying and 3D modeling approaches help eliminate outage delays

Product Spotlight: Welding & Machining

Categories: General Topics, Engineering, Reliability, Outage & Maintenance

When plant systems and components require a replacement, repair or modification, our welding, machining and metrology products and services ensure the project is completed in a safe, quality fashion without compromising outage schedules.

Long Term Operations Myths Debunked

Categories: Reliability, Outage & Maintenance

Ensuring the long term operations (LTO) of the global nuclear fleet is essential to meeting clean energy goals for a safer tomorrow.

High-Definition Inspection Camera Identifies Potential Leaker-Causing Debris

Categories: Advanced Fuel Solutions, Outage & Maintenance, Nuclear Fuel

BlueRad camera system detects possibly harmful wire during visual examination of plant’s fuel assembly.