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Laser Scanning Technology Improves Reporting Accuracy

Categories: Technology Leadership, Reliability, Outage & Maintenance

Advanced surveying and 3D modeling approaches help eliminate outage delays

NRC Approves Elimination of Surveillance Testing for Common Q Platform

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Improved efficiencies reduce cost of ownership for state-of-the-art safety system

Product Spotlight: Common Q™ Safety System

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Westinghouse’s Common Q safety-grade I&C platform provides utilities with significant operations and maintenance savings through reduced or eliminated surveillances and the high availability and reliability of the proven AC160N technology.

Product Spotlight: Outage Support Services

April 27, 2021 by Westinghouse Electric Company

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Using the latest technological advancements, our Outage Support Services offer comprehensive improvements during your plant's refueling activities. 

Clear Your Head: Bare Metal Visual Inspection Crawler

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Newly integrated cleaning capabilities enhance visual inspections of reactor vessel heads.